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Location - Southern Illinois

Leader/Recruiter - Gabe McCord / Richard Minton

Webmaster - Richard Minton

Homefield - Action Sports Paintball, Marion IL.


Leader/Recruiter - Gabe McCord / Richard Minton

Webmaster - Richard Minton


Tourney Info:
Last Tourney - HYGL Event #1 March 7th

Next Tourney - HYGL Event #2 April  18th

Current Ranking - 7th

W/L - 2/2


Slow start - Firestarters took a disappointing seventh place in their first tourney. Two big mistakes cost them finals, and ever since the team has been practicing hard to fix the errors they made at HYGL Event #1. All players except one, Jordan Sharp, who left Team Firestarters to join Southern Illinois Tremor. Richard Minton, and Gabe McCord stepped up and took over the team, having joint control over the team. Even with the loss of their captain, the team has kept going, and is looking to place in the top four in the next tourney. Also, updates have been made in the league section, reporting how we did, and a game by game break down. The member page, and information sections will be up within the hour!


Chills of Cabin Fever - As it does every year in southern IL, winter hit hard. This year more so than others. Snow has covered the ground for what seems like weeks on end. It is now clearing up, but patches of snow and ice still remain in a few places. Sunday the twenty-second we will be shaking the dust off our gear, and breaking out of the cabin fever. The season is getting closer everyday. I have made minor updates to my bio, to the members page, and to the league page. Images and video from the first event will be posted on the site shortly after its end. 


The good, the bad, and the ugly - Every team sees its ups and downs. Team Firestarters has been on a rollercoaster of them in the past couple weeks. Rumor has it that the HYGL's age limit has dropped, and if you turned 17 before 1/1/04, you wouldn't be able to play. If this is true, then many of the top teams that Firestarters would be battling for 1st place with were knocked out. For a day or so we saw only the good in this. Less competition meant a better record, and that meant better chances of getting sponsors. The list of how that could help runs too long to write it down. A few nights ago, we saw the downside of this. With the four or five major teams knocked out, we will have few teams to push us. With fewer teams, that means that the prizes are less, and the chance of having a very small, single digit number of teams entering is quite possible. Along with this, Team Hellfire has disbanded, and we became our own team. Not long after we found this out, we became aware that many of our sponsorships left with them. Along with that, we found out that Eric, and Bugsie will not be playing for our team. We wish them well in their paintball careers. With their loss we welcome Jimmie Marshall, formerly of Hellfire. I think that covers the good, and the bad. For the ugly, well Sharpie sent me some of his pictures. Also my, Richard Minton's, profile has been updated with some new equipment. They will be up by the end of the night. 


Images fixed - The site has been plagued lately with image problems. I was finally able to fix them last week. I was so tired at the time that I found the problem that I retired to my bed for a few hours of sleep before school the next day. Now I have all the bad images that I am aware of fixed. If I am missing some please contact me here and tell me where and what is wrong.


New forums! - Thanks to the owner of CountyPaintball, Mike, Team Firestarters now has their own team board. This board not only looks great, it is easy to use! I, Richard Minton, have purchased almost every piece of gear I have from them, and have had nothing but great experiences. Thanks once more to Mike and his great store


Out with the old - With the new images being put up yesterday, I decided to take off the old ones. I freed up some space on the site, and this lets you know what we are all using and looking like now. More images will come soon.


New Photos - Our frontman Gabe sent me some new pictures of himself and his angel. He now has a warpfeed on it which he intelifeeded. More image and profile updates to come.
Sub-update - I have added captain Jordan's profile. Sharpie get the rest of that info to me with some pictures.


Massive updates - I've taken some time away from working on my moves to update the site now before I have to go back to school from Christmas Break. I have made updates to all pages currently up. Look for new portions of the site to become available soon. I plan to get it up tonight.


Silent work - While this site hasn't been updated with much breaking news on our team, we all have been working. While the bitter cold of winter has taken hold on Southern Illinois, the team has been making sure that their markers are in top working order for the fast approaching season. While our homefield has closed its doors until February, we have all been working on our skills around our houses. While veterans of the game Jordan Sharp and Gabe McCord have been maintaining their skills, the least experienced player, myself, Richard Minton has been learning new moves, and becoming more skilled daily. 


Armed to the teeth - Even with tourney time still far off in the distance, members of Team Firestarters have begun to arm themselves for the battle. Team backman, Richard Minton, is to pick up his brand new Indian Creek Design BKO today. Minton hopes to improve his game with an improved marker.

Things fall into place - Team Firestarters recently had their first practice. While only three member were able to make it, the potential of the team shone through even with the most minor drills.

Members Update - This site, along with the team, are getting started, and moving quickly. We have made a full members update, and more will be up soon!